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Water heater repair & installation

Water heater over ten years old? If you live in a condo on the 10th floor, yeah you might think about replacing it.

Have a ten year old hot water tank in your basement and it sits near a working floor drain?

You might hang on to it. My electric tank lasted 16 years before it leaked.

I've seen them go much longer.

I can't tell you how long your tank will last or how fast it will leak when it does but, if its in an area where water would do damage then yeah the 10 year mark you might start thinking about it.

If you do want to replace it, contact me. Tell me if its gas or electric and how many gallon it is.

I will contact you asking for a couple of photos if possible then get back to you with a price. 

​Bathroom repairs

Do you have an issue with the toilet running or just not flushing right? Is your lavatory sink not draining.

Problem with the faucet dripping or low water pressure?

What about the tub shower valve, how's that working for you?

I can repair or replace any of the fixtures above.

Have a question about one of these, just ask.


Kitchen repairs

Kitchen faucets, disposals, drains and more. I can install a dishwasher for you. Sometimes a store where you purchase dishwashers will have their installation company come out and install it for you.

The rate will be less than mine. This just happen on a job this week and it popped in my head typing this. My client who is moving in to a new house. Im doing faucets and toilets replacements.

They told me a new dishwasher was installed and they had a leak. I looked at it. Who ever installed it didn't test it. Water leak through the ceiling below from under the new dishwasher. Just saying find out whos doing your install OR try Joe the plumber ;)

Water service replacement

Yes, I will replace your water service. I only ask

you find someone who will excavate and back fill the trench when im finished.

I just dont have the man power and ive done my share of digging trenches

Most of the money in these water service replacements is moving the dirt. Thats if you dont mind having your yard dug up. Companies these days can pull a new water line with a machine from the City water meter to your house without digging up the whole yard. One hole at the meter and one hole at the house.

The machine will probably cost more than a plumber digging it by hand. You have to decide what's best for you. If your on a budget, have some locals dig it and I will plumb it for you.


​Water and drain piping repair.

Have a pipe leak? If you have a leak somewhere that you cant see and it drips then stops or slows its either a drain pipe or water went some where it shouldn't have.

If it leaks and never slows or come to a stop then good chance it is a water pipe leak. 

Know where your main cold water shut off is. I can tell you from experience,  50% of the houses I have gone to over the last 30 years,  the home owner did not know where the cold water shut off was. If all else fails in an emergency, Call the fire department. They will get there the fastest. Do not tell them I told you to call ;)

If you do not know where it is, shoot me an email.


I think the best part of plumbing for me is the troubleshooting. 

Did you have water show up somewhere and you do not have a clue where it came from. Please call me for this. Just show me where it leaked and I will find it for you, ok 98% of the time I will. The other 2% I think you just made it up because i haven't been to your house in a while.

I will try and help you over the phone with troubleshooting too.

Will not charge you for this unless I come out.

Just ask.



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